Anxiety Grumps


As the title suggests, I’m in a pretty grumpy mood today. It’s one of those “Does everybody hate me?” funks I sometimes find myself in when anxiety rears it’s angry head.

There’s hasn’t been an argument or any kind of falling out with person X or Y, but naturally, when anxiety is high alert, it goes after it’s favorite scapegoat, moi.


Person X is always busy when you text them an amusing anecdote or something relating to a shared interest, and never seem to reach out when they are free.


Person Y frequently reads your perfectly nice message on Facebook, and doesn’t respond, yet you see them chatting away to others.


Conclusion? You’re a pest and everyone hates you because you’re scum.


Maybe Person X is actually quite busy, and doing their best to balance family, friends and work. When they get a free moment they’re decompressing, and it’s not personal. They just don’t think to check in frequently like you do, they’re not hardwired that way.

And maybe Person Y has a lot going on and doesn’t have the mental energy to carry on a conversation and they don’t want to be short with you, so they are waiting until they can reply properly.

I’m figuring out that anxiety is a lot of learning how to talk yourself down these thought spirals and cut yourself some slack. Which, as anyone suffering from this knows, is no easy feat. Just because you think it, doesn’t make it so, and there is always another way to look at the situation. Thoughts are just that, thoughts.

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  1. Oh my darling. Great post. I relate to this. I too find myself in these horrid ““Does everybody hate me?” funks”. Except, even though I suffer anxiety, I didn’t even put it down to anxiety, as you so insightfully have. I have just felt like that for so long that I think I have convinced myself of it being a truth, without even considering it might be an anxiety feeling afterall. So reading this has given me that insight.

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    1. That just means the world to me, thank you love. I’m so happy I could help, even just a small bit. That’s exactly why that, although scary, I decided to start sharing some of this stuff. I wanted people to know other folks are going through similar difficulties and it’s nothing to feel ashamed about.
      It’s definitely NOT you. You are a beautiful person ❤️ Anxiety is a manipulative monster .

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